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Summertime is the perfect time to celebrate “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!”

When you think back to your childhood years, buying an ice cream sandwich from the “Good Humor Man,” or whatever the traveling ice cream vendor was called in your neighborhood, is one of our fondest memories. Just sitting back with your siblings or your friends on a hot summer day or evening, and enjoying one of the tastiest and refreshing treats ever invented.

The typical ice cream sandwich combines to of our favorite treats: ice cream and cookies/wafers/biscuits into one amazing dessert! Who wouldn’t love that? The store-bought version usually offers vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers. The version between two cookies was actually invented in San Francisco back in 1928 who used two oatmeal cookies instead of wafers, and then dipped them in chocolate before serving.

No one really knows who invented the ice cream sandwich, but there are newspaper articles from the late 1800’s which mention the concoction. According to, there are photos from 1900 showing people enjoying ice cream sandwiches after paying a mere penny! Wow! Don’t get us started on inflation…

So, whether you like to bite into your ice cream sandwich, or you like to lick the ice cream from between the two wafers or cookies, this tasty treat will continue to be one of summertime’s most enjoyable desserts. “Hey, is that the ice cream man’s truck coming down the street? I think I hear him. Mom, I need some money for the ice cream man!”


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