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Kathleen Madigan back at the Mirage

Comedian, Kathleen Madigan, is coming back to The Mirage, Las Vegas, August 5th. We spoke to her about her return to Las Vegas, and she asked if I was available to open for her? I said something to the affect of “HELL YES!! So guess who’s opening for her? Yours truly – Carla Rea!

If you don’t know this by now from listening to the Mike and Carla Morning Show – or if you have no idea who Mike and Carla even are – Kathleen Madigan is a dear friend of mine. She helped me a LOT in my early comedy club days, and threw a ton of work at me!  She had me open, and feature for her on many occasions. And, she let me crash on her couch anytime I was in her area.

I also happen to think she’s one of the funniest, most talented comedians out there!  There’s the expression, “some people say funny things, and some people say things funny.” Both are important, but the second is most important when doing comedy. Kathleen embodies both!

Her most recent special “Bothering Jesus” is her fifth hour long standup special. Her album of the “Bothering Jesus” special, was the highest selling comedy album and most played comedy album on streaming services since 2014.

Kathleen won the American Comedy Award for “Best Female Comedian” and “the Phyllis Diller award for “Best Female Comedian,” and she has done multiple USO tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kathleen says, “The USO shows are the best. Trust me, no crowd is as appreciative and fired up to see any entertainer. I’m glad I have the chance because God knows I don’t wanna have to do their job!”

Kathleen was on The Mike & Carla Morning Show talking about her fascination with the Weather Channel, Chess, and much more!

Kathleen’s 30 plus years comedy career isn’t slowing down. She spends about 250 nights a year on the road, going from performing in comedy clubs, to performing in marquee theaters with sold out shows. She has over 40 appearances on late night talk shows and multiple comedy specials airing on Netflix, Comedy Central and HBO. She also made the most of the pandemic by launching a podcast, “Madigan’s Pubcast,” on all streaming outlets.

Kathleen was recently asked if she planned her career in comedy? “No, like that guy in the Joy of Painting used to say, it was a happy accident. This whole thing just started out as a reason to drink and wow, what a great drinking accident.”

Madigan is also an advocate and fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis and Autism.

Get tickets here to see Kathleen Madigan (and a few minutes of Carla Rea), August 5th, as part of the Aces of Comedy, at The Mirage Theater, at The Mirage!