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Happy “National Father-In-Law Day!”

Did you know there was a special day to honor and celebrate your father-in-law? I sure did not before today.

I know, it sounds like another holiday created by the greeting card companies, and it is according to

If you’ve never been married, then this will not be a big deal to you. I have been married to the same lovely woman for many years, and yet, I have had two fathers-in-law. Actually, Bert is my actual father-in-law since he is my wife’s Dad. Her parents were divorced, so her stepfather, Ben, would be designated my stepfather-in-law, I guess.

Sadly, Bert passed away in 2021. He was a great guy and we got along very well. Living in Las Vegas for most of our married years we did not get to spend much time with him and his wife Jo, but I always enjoyed our time together. My wife’s stepdad, Ben, is still with us and we have spent more time with him and my wife’s mom, Judy, down through the years because they love to travel. We have both been blessed with great in-laws who have always been there when we needed them, but have never interfered in our relationship.

So, today I celebrate both of my Dads-in-law, Bert and Ben. If you are fortunate enough to live near your father-in-law, you don’t have to hurry out to purchase a greeting card because it will never get there in time. But, you may want to let him know just how much you love and respect him. They are not always easy to get to know, but getting to know them is well worth it.


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