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LONDON - FEBRUARY 22: A Police officer hands a leaflet to a driver caught using his telephone whilst driving, as part of a drive to inform motorist of the risk on February 22, 2007 in London, England. New research has proved driving while on the telephone is stastically more dangerous than drink driving. The new law, which comes in effect at 00: 01 February 27, 2007, will result in a GBP60 fine and three points being added to the offenders' licence. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Car thieves in Eugene, Missouri were in the middle of their car heist, when one of them accidentally butt dialed 911. Police went to the residence where the car was stolen from, because the thieves hung up on the dispatcher who answered the call. A neighbor also reported that thieves had broken into their garage and stole their speakers, amplifier, and credit cards. The credit card owners got alerts that their cards were being used at a close by convenience store. Police checked the security footage of the store and identified the thief and 4 others who were accomplices. All four people were arrested for theft!

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