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We’ve come to find out that buying even the simplest items can be made complicated for some reason! A text into The Mike & Carla Morning Show describing how hard it was to buy a simple water bottle was some difficult! Plastic, metal, straw, no straw, filter, no filter…all this listener needed to do was get a water bottle for the gym!

Carla Rea looking to buy a can of white paint, but didn’t realize how many “whites” were in the color wheel. That’s what we wanted to know this morning…what’s the one thing you needed to buy that you didn’t realize would be so complicated?

Nice to find out that there were a lot of listeners going through this everyday whether it was at the grocery store, Home Depot, or even something as easy as buying a bicycle! On the other hand, if they’re out of what you’re looking for, that’s an entirely different problem.

Listen to the segment from this morning and we’re sure you can relate…and enjoy!