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If you own a Chevy Silverado truck, your vehicle is listed as the #1 vehicle to most likely be stolen…followed by the Ford F series at #2. Local authorities are giving you tips on how to protect your vehicle as well as your personal items inside the vehicles. One huge tip, if you keep a firearm inside the cab of your truck, make sure to take it out and lock it away in your home!

The Mike & Carla Morning Show also talked about millennials and where most of them are moving to get ahead in life! Mega Millions, what it tells you if you have a hard time opening a jar and much, much more in this edition of “A few Thing We Think You Should Know” from this morning!

Is Las Vegas The Most 'Stressful' City To Live In


    Welcome to Newark

    [alexionutcoman] via Getty Images

    Never been to Newark, much less New Jersey, but this city has quite a bit going on with sports, places to go and see, but clearly the folks there are stressed out since they come in at #5 on the list of “Stessful Cities” in America!


    welcome to baltimore

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    With it’s major league baseball team, great college sports and the best crabs and crab cakes in the country, you’d think Baltimorians would be lovin’ life, but this Maryland city comes in at #3 on the list of “Stressful Cities” in America!


    welcome to new orleans

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    Okay, not sure what any of the people in New Orleans have to be stressed out about with all the great music, food and of course Mardi Gras! But then again, what do we know…there must be a good reason as to why this party city ends up #3 on the list of “Stressful Cites” in America!



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    This one we understand, with the unstable motor industry based out of Detroit, lack of jobs, the housing market and of course, all they have to cheer for are the Lions and Tigers…anybody would be stressed out in this major Midwest city! We get it and that’s why this city came in at #2!


    welcome to Cleveland

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    Although it’s ranked #1 on the list of “Most Stressful Cities”, Cleveland is one city that is turning itself around from The Flats, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, to The Flats on the river. However, they are still home to the Cleveland Browns and that can take it’s toll on fans…with that said, Cleveland, Ohio seems to be the “Most Stressful City” in American!