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A lot of parents will try anything to get their kids going in the morning, but is it wrong to give them a Mtn. Dew just to kick start their morning?

The Mike & Carla Morning Show got a text from one single mother who was getting negative texts from her ex-husband and his family calling her a “bad” mother for allowing her kids to down a bottle of Mtn. Dew so they would have more energy in the morning.

A single mom working two jobs and she clearly was having a problem keeping her kids on time in the morning to get them off to day camp and thought the little jolt would help the situation. Yet while her ex-in-laws were criticizing her parental skills, they weren’t offering any help! They weren’t willing to come over, watch the kids, get them dressed in a timely manner and then take them to day camp. All they were doing was being negative…so The M&C Morning Show wanted to know what listeners would tell this mother to at least help her out, if not give her a little positive re-enforcement.

Many of the listeners who texted in and/or took the time to call in had some great ideas, even other single mothers were calling in to give their support! However, to get a clearer picture of what was going on, The M&C Morning Show was hoping the mom herself would call into the show. As luck would have it, mom was listening and she did indeed make the call. We definitely got a better idea of what was going on and how she was just trying to do her best in the tough situation she was in.

You can listen to the entire segment from this morning below, see how you feel about the whole situation…and if you have any ideas that you think might help, feel free to call in tomorrow on The Mike & Carla Morning Show!

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