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We all have our favorite songs and we all think we actually know all the words to that special song. However, we all come to find out that most of what we think are the lyrics tend to be something totally different!

From Dire Staits song with the misunderstood lyric of “…money for nothin’ and the chips for free!” to the song “Purple Haze” from Jimi Hendrix where a lot of his fans thought his was actually singing the lyric, “…excuse me while I kiss this guy!”

To be honest, those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the most famous misunderstood lyrics in what some feel are some of the biggest songs of all time.

Heck, even I thought the band Styx was singing “…set a course for the merchant sea” in their hit song “Come Sail Away”, when my wife Jodi was right there to correct me! The actually lyric is “…I’m sailing away,
set an open course for the virgin sea
”! But what do I know…I’m in radio!

However, when The Mike & Carla Morning Show got to talk to Grammy Award Winning artist Melissa Etheridge about this very topic and her song “I Want To Come Over”! More specifically, the lyric, “…I want to come over, to hell with the consequence” and what a lot of people thought she was actually singing.

It’s one thing when fans get the lyrics wrong, but how cool is it to hear an artist actually think the same thing about one of their biggest hits?

Leonie Cooper put out a great list of the most misunderstood lyrics a few years ago that consists of songs from Bon Jovi to ABBA and also includes the likes of Taylor Swift. Check out the article and entire list by clicking HERE!

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