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The drought in Las Vegas isn’t something new, but Lake Mead is reaching new lows at an alarming rate. So alarming, in fact, that there now has to be a cap on how large a swimming pool can be in the homes of Las Vegas residents. Clark County officials voted this week to limit the size of pools to 600 square feet of surface area. To put that into perspective, that is about one and a half times the size of a standard garage. So it’s not like we’re being forced into tiny above ground pools. At least not yet. But who knows what’s going to happen in the years to come if the reservoir keeps dropping. In fact, that’s the scary part.

ABC News reported yesterday, via Ken Ritter of the Associated Press, this comment from Clark County Commission Chairman Jim Gibson “If the trends continue and the lake continues to decline, then this may be one of the least of the tough decisions that we’ll be making over the course of time.” That’s a scary thought. What else might be restricted in Las Vegas if the drought worsens? It’s hard to imagine. For now, existing pools won’t be affected but the consequence for building a new pool larger than 600 square feet after September 1 of this year will be severe. The violator will be denied water service. So not even the super wealthy in Las Vegas can get around the limitations with a simple fine payoff.

The Lake Mead reservoir provides irrigation for millions of acres. It services Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Utah and even Mexico. The region draws 91 gallons of water every year from Lake Mead. And authorities say the new pool restrictions will save 32 million gallons per year by 2032 (ABC News). Still a small percentage of what is consumed, but it’s a start.

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7 Hydrating Foods For The Vegas Summer Heat

Did you know there are tons of hydrating foods you can eat to stay hydrated? Oh happy day! Experts do say that sticking with water is the best way to hydrate, but that’s not always going to happen. Sometimes we just get sick of drinking so much water. That’s why millions of dollars are made off of flavored waters. We’ve thrown cucumber in our water, and lemon, and mint, I think I saw an artichoke in there once. Even bacon-infused water exists…although that one is actually pretty genius. Carry on. And sometimes it’s not even the problem of being sick of the taste of regular water. Eight ounces is just a lot of water to work into our busy lives.

Oh summer…you high-maintenance diva…and she is just getting started. As hot as it has been in Las Vegas this month, locals know all too well that the worst is yet to come. It’s even more important than usual during this time of year to keep ourselves hydrated. And don’t forget that on a NORMAL, moderately-heated day, we’re supposed to be drinking 8 glasses of water. That’s not always easy to do. So how in slow-burning fiery hell are we supposed to stay hydrated in the triple digits of summer? Experts say that during these warmer months, we should each be drinking two and a half liters of water every day! And for the measurement-challenged (my hand is raised here) that’s eighty four and a half ounces, which equals closer to eleven glasses of water every day! So, short of jumping into a river with our mouth and throats open, we might have to get a little creative to stay hydrated.

To make hydrating easier, we’ve got a list of hydrating foods that have a high percentage of water in them. Keep these in your summer diet and you’ll help those hydration and hunger levels at the same time. Who doesn’t like efficiency? – Wendy

  • Cucumber - 96% Water

    Cucumber Slices

    Cucumber water is so popular, and at 96% water…it’s like we’re putting water in more water!

  • Tomatoes - 94% Water

    Tomatoes on a plate

    Just one medium tomato gives you about half a cup of water!

  • Watermelon - 92% Water


    Does that mean it’s only 8% melon?

  • Strawberries - 91% Water

    Strawberries in a bowl

    Strawberries have so many health benefits in addition to being high in water content. And they’re so good…it almost feels like cheating.

  • Cantaloupe - 90% Water


    And a ton of nutrients to boot!

  • Peaches - 89% Water

    Pile of peaches

    There are tons of antioxidants and fiber in peaches. Eat them with the skin on for even more benefit!

  • Skim Milk - 91% Water

    Milk being poured from jug into a clear glass sitting on a blue wooden table


    Not only does skim milk provide all those good-for-you nutrients of milk but it keeps you hydrated as well! Try it after a workout for a better benefit than sports drinks! And speaking of dairy, cottage cheese and plain yogurt are also high in water content, at 80 and 88% respectively.