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Wordle is now a board game.

Is this still a thing? Are we still torturing ourselves in the world of Wordle? A friend of mine said it’s like West Side Story, but instead of the Sharks and the Jets, it’s people who play Wordle, and people who don’t play Wordle.  I say some people haven’t played, because they have sex.

Well, if YOU’RE still obsessed with the green, and dreaded yellow squares, this will be the Christmas gift for you – and everyone else who’s still infatuated with this game – A new board game version of WORDLE is on it’s way!  “The New York Times” owns the rights and partnered with Hasbro to bring it into your home – again!

It’s called Wordle: The Party Game, and it’s basically the same as the one you play online, but now you’re competing against other people. Because you already know how much fun Pictionary is when you get the gang together. Always a bonding, and loving experience. *insert raised eyebrow emoji here*

In the board game version of Wordle, one person knows what the five-letter word is, and everyone else has six chances to guess it.  It comes with dry-erase boards to write on, and little green-and-yellow tiles to cover the letters with.

There are four ways to play:  Classic mode, fast mode, where it’s a race, timed mode, where you have to beat the clock, and team mode, where you’re grouped up.

You can pre-order it on Amazon for $20, and it ships in October.  Target will also have it eventually.

I’m waiting for the board game versions of Lewdle. Go ahead, look it up.

In the meantime – happy wordle-ing! I hope that is code for something even more fun.

-Carla Rea


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