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394042 03: A man enjoys an ice cream cone before attending the Coney Island Tattoo and Motorcycle Show September 2, 2001 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Thousands of pleasure seekers flocked to the legendary beach town over the Labor Day weekend. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A British ice cream company named, Lick Me I’m Delicious has started putting Viagra in their ice cream! The blue colored ice cream contains about 25mg of Viagra and has a bubbly Champagne flavor!

The owner of the company, Francis, said he was asked by a high end client to make the ice cream. He was happy with how it turned out. He did though have to sign a confidentiality agreement so save face of the client requesting it, but in the end, the client was happy as well.

Lick Me I’m Delicious is known for making oddity ice creams. They once created a glow in the dark ice cream using proteins from a jelly fish!

Would you try this ice cream, guys?  We have more on this story and more in today’s Other News!