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Hopefully you looked at a calendar and noticed that it’s 7-11 today and that means a FREE Slurpee at your nearby 7-11 store! However, The Mike & Carla Morning Show give you the details that it’s not like it used to be where you could walk-in and ask for your FREE Slurpee…you’re gonna have to jump through a couple of hoops first!

Ohhhh Canada had to go through a day without the “internet” and people all over the great white north were freakin’ out on what to do without the chance to check their Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media outlets…

And in a recent poll, 62% of people surveyed that it should be socially acceptable to use a spoon to eat “dip” with just as it is a chip!  You want some more numbers, 63% of all those surveyed said that they have actually done it and 45% said that they have polished off a whole container of dip themselves, all in one sitting. Okay, a show of hands on how many of us have done that!

All that and a lot more in this segment we’ve come to know as “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”!