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In a recently published report by Insurify, research shows that drivers in the Silver State have received fewer traffic citations this year than drivers in any other state in America except for the folks in Michigan.  You can see this report and check out the other states that ranked in the top 10 for best drivers in the U.S.A. by clicking on this link:

Having been a resident of Southern Nevada since 1994, I must say I am rather surprised at this finding.  If you travel the streets and freeways in and around the Las Vegas valley, then you know that there are quite a few drivers who view speed limit signs as a suggestion rather than a law.  And, with the majority of the state’s population living in Southern Nevada, it is even more mind-boggling that this is true.  But hey, second place is second place and we’ll accept that silver medal!

Maybe this has occurred because traffic gets so bad on our roadways that the majority of drivers in Nevada never even reach the maximum allowable speed.  The report also shows that at-fault accidents are the most common reason for our state’s travelers to receive traffic citations.

Do you want to be safer on the road?  Click this link for helpful information on how to safely pass an emergency scene:

I don’t know about you, but when I have 96.3 KKLZ cranked up in my vehicle, I tend to drive a little faster than I should.  Click this link to check out some great driving tunes:

No matter the reason, let’s just keep doing a great job when we’re out navigating the I-15, the 215 Beltway, US 93 or 95, I-11, the Desert Inn arterial, the “Spaghetti Bowl,” the “Resort Corridor,” and all of the other famously named streets throughout our valley.  Happy Motoring!

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