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Anyone who knows me well knows I HATE injustice. It’s one of the few things that boils my blood. Now, whether this was injustice or not is for you to decide, but it sure felt like it to me. So here’s what happened…

Last night Z wanted pancakes for dinner. Specifically, the “pancakes with the sprinkles” that we used to get from a very popular restaurant known for their pancakes. Never again!! I used their website to order curbside pickup. After sitting in the parking lot for 25 minutes (which was ten minutes AFTER my texts from the business indicated my order was ready), I went inside to check on the order. I sat at the front counter for about five minutes before someone greeted me (keep in mind the employees looked at me several times but never acknowledged me). When I worked in the restaurant business, there was a clear 30-second rule for greeting new customers. When did this change?

Anyway, a young girl finally came to the counter and I calmly informed her my curbside order was 10-minutes overdue and I was checking on the status.

Girl: “Oh we already gave out that order.”

Me:I’m sorry…what?”

Girl:A man came in about ten minutes ago and showed me his phone and it had your name on it.

Me:How is that even possible?

Girl:It’s not our fault. When you order online, we have no way of knowing who the customer is and who the driver is to pick the order up.

Me:But…I used YOUR website to order. I put in MY name and MY credit card and MY car information so YOU knew exactly who to give it to and where.

Girl:It’s not our fault. We don’t control online ordering. Doordash or UberEats does.

Me:But I didn’t go through them. I used YOUR website.

Girl: “I don’t know what to tell you. It’s not our fault.

Me:Unbelievable. Then please just refund my credit card because apparently I’m walking out of here without food.”

Girl:We can’t do that.”

Me:I’m sorry…what???”

Girl:You have to go online to get a refund.”

Me:Your online system clearly isn’t effective. Can I please speak to a manager.”

Girl:There isn’t one here.

Me:So…what you’re telling me is that you gave my order to someone else, you can’t refund my money, and there’s no manager to rectify this situation.”

Girl:It’s not our fault.

Me: “You keep saying that. Why didn’t you ask the other guy for an ID to prove he was the right person?”

Girl:We don’t ask for IDs because the delivery driver isn’t the same person as the one who put in the order.


At this point I even showed her my e-receipt with their website clearly showing)…but still…

Girl:It’s not our fault. We don’t control the online system.


Now…the girl was young and obviously not in charge so I don’t personally hold her responsible. But there’s a clear flaw in how things are being run over there. I’ll never go back, which really bums me out because it’s in the same parking lot as a movie theater in Henderson that I like to go to, and we USED to go to this pancake place after movies. But, there’s a different breakfast place just half a mile down the road so we’ll just drive a little further.

And, at the end of the day, I can throw some sprinkles and powdered sugar icing on a few pancakes at home. It’s not that hard.

And I never did get my money back…So to the guy in the black car who got Z’s pancakes, you’re welcome.

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