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Clinking coffee mugs in cafe

I don’t know if I totally believe this or not, but the next time you’re shopping, DON’T drink coffee.  Coffee and credit cards may be your worst nightmare! Scientists report shoppers who sip on a cup of coffee before shopping ended up spending 50 percent more money and buying 30 percent more items than their non-caffeinated counterparts.

Researchers offered 300 people a free drink while they shopped.  Each person got a cup, and could choose between coffee, decaf, or water.  About half of them chose coffee.  And by the end, the coffee-drinkers had spent 50% more money, and bought 30% more stuff.

They think it’s because caffeine makes us more energetic, and more impulsive – ok, that makes a little sense.  And this seems to back that up:  The people who drank coffee tended to buy far more “non-essential” items that they didn’t really need.  In other words, impulse purchases.

So perhaps just water? Makes for a boring day of shopping. How about water – THEN COCKTAILS!!

Happy shopping!

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