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Ezra Miller attends the "Ocean's 8" World Premiere at Alice Tully Hall on June 5, 2018 in New York City.

Ezra Miller has deleted their Instagram account after posting a variety of memes taunting authorities who are actively searching for the actor after they were accused of manipulating and grooming an underage fan.

The five memes posted to the actor’s story seemingly mocked the cops who are pursuing the actor with images containing writing such as, “You cannot touch me I am in another universe” and “MESSAGE FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION.” It’s possible that these photos are in reference to The Flash, which will see protagonist Barry Allen meeting multiversal versions of himself.

One meme had a person keeled over, throwing up with the words, “Me remembering how I was nice when I should have said who the f— do you think you’re talking to.”

There was a lengthy message on one of the memes which read: “I am shielded from negative people & their ill intent. My spirit, mind, body, soul + success are not altered by anyone’s envy. I am protected from all negative NRG(energy) people attempt to throw at me. Subconsciously & consciously. I clear any & all hidden peers who are hidden enemies.”

The Flash star is reportedly hiding from law enforcement officers after Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle were granted a protective order against the actor on behalf of their 18-year-old-child Tokata Iron Eyes. Per gossip website TMZ, the couple alleges that the actor took advantage of their child since Tokata was 12 years old, engaging in “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior.” Iron Eyes and Jumping Eagle have stated that Miller provided their child with access to alcohol, marijuana and LSD. Tokata appeared to defend Miller, claiming that their father is “transphobic” in a message posted to Instagram, CBR reports. Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle don’t believe the post was legitimate, however, stating that Tokata “doesn’t have a phone.”

Chase Iron Eyes said of the difficulty of finding Ezra, “[Miller] move[s] around so much [that] we’re stuck in this legal limbo situation, and we can’t serve them in any place they’re in long enough. They’ve been flighty. They’ve been avoiding service, and now there’s public pressure mounting on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature.”