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Hand holding Cockroach on house background, eliminate cockroach in house,Cockroaches as carriers of disease

No one wants to share their home with a cockroach . . . and definitely not 100 cockroaches.  But would you deal with it if you were getting PAID? A company in North Carolina has an exciting offer:  If you allow them to come into your home . . . and release 100 cockroaches . . . they’ll give you a check for a whopping $2,000.

The company is called The Pest Informer, and they’re trying to test out “a specific pest control technique” and see how effective it is.  And they need volunteers. Five to seven homeowners will be selected . . . and in addition to the infestation, you’ll also have to consent to filming and monitoring in your home.  You know, so they can track all the roaches.

The experiment lasts about 30 days . . . and The Pest Informer PROMISES that you’ll be rid of the roaches by the end.  If their new technique doesn’t work, then they’ll use “traditional cockroach treatment options at no cost to you.” They didn’t describe the new technique, but they say it’s family and pet safe.

So, The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know if you would actually sigh up to do this little experiment! Guess who on The M&C Morning Show said they actually would since they grew up with cockroaches in their home?

They also talked about how sleeping with someone will actually give you a better night’s sleep than sleeping alone! A new study at the University of Arizona found adults tend to sleep better together than they do apart.  Benefits include less insomnia, more minutes spent sleeping, and we also fall asleep faster.

People who sleep in the same bed with a significant other also have less stress, anxiety, and depression.  But that doesn’t hold true for letting your KIDS sleep with you.  People who let their kids in their bed sleep worse, and have more stress overall.

All that and a lot more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know” this morning!