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Carefree woman with raised arms at Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign, popular landmark on Las Vegas Strip at entrance of the city. Happy tourist in Nevada, Unites States. Blue sky.

Living in here in Las Vegas, a lot of us have those places we love to take family and friends to that you normally wouldn’t visit during your stay. The Mike & Carla Morning Show had their own secret Las Vegas “gems”, but wanted to hear from listeners to create a Top 5 list!

Whether it be a hiking trail off the beaten path, a local restaurant, a place that you go just to get away…everyone has at least one…listen to some of the calls that came in as well as those that texted into The M&C Morning Show!

Here are some – in no particular order – for you to enjoy:

Hemenway Park in Boulder City

Wild Fig Restaurant in Summerlin

Fatboy Burgers in Henderson,

Roadkill Grill,

The Little A’Le’Inn – a short drive, but you won’t be disappointed!

Pioneer Saloon

Rail Expolorers

Clark County Museum 

Railroad Tunnels