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Singers Agnetha Fältskog (right) and Björn Ulvaeus performing with Swedish pop group Abba on their third, and final, tour, 1979. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

An ABBA Super fan loves the music and musicals so much, she will play the music of the group loud at home while she has them dressed up in sparkling costumes. The costumes have ABBA sprawled across them and when the music plays, she has them dance.

She says since they’ve added Simba to the family, Simba has enjoyed every moment of it. She admitted she spends about 14 hours a day making costumes for her family, so they can honor ABBA. Her name is Jane and she’s a retired Chief Council member. She attends ABBA shows of all kinds regularly with her daughters who are 27 and 23. Simba is is her youngest daughters dog, but as a family, they make sure to always dress the part.

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