Will you place a bid?

Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport saw more than 40 million passengers walk through its halls last year, according to an article by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. This makes our airport a mecca of lost items that were probably left in a travel-related rush (or simply the victims of hangover brain).

From an array of forgotten electronic devices like tablets, cameras and phones to plastic bags stuffed with jewelry, the airport is a foster home to many orphaned items.

There are so many unclaimed and lost-and-found knick-knacks that an online auction has been organized to sell off these items.

Starting May 9 to May 13, locals can place bids on unclaimed items that were left at the airport.

Think of this like an online treasure hunt that could potentially reap amazing and valuable items with the right bid, of course.

This auction is only online and hosted by TNT Auction Inc. All items will be sold as is with no warranties or guarantees, according to the auction’s website. Along with this, these auctioned-off items are for pick-up only! This means that you must go and pick up the items because they will not be shipped.

Here are some things you should know before placing a bid:

  • No online credit card payments will be accepted. You will pay for the item in person, by card or cash, once you pick it up
  • You must present a valid photo ID if you’re paying for the item by card
  • If you have a winning bid then you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice and pick-up information
  • Deposits are required to bid
  • Payment and pick-up location is at 4530 Alto Ave, Las Vegas NV 89115
  • If you have a winning bid then you must pick up the item by Wednesday, May 18 by 4 p.m. Remaining items will be disposed of at the discretion of the seller

The last day to place bids will be on May 13 at 9 a.m. For more information about this airport auction, click HERE.

5 American Foods Tourists Miss When Leaving The U.S.

  • #5 Mozzarella Sticks

    Homemade Fried Mozzarella Sticks

    [bhofack2] / via Getty Images

    …but here’s the catch, you have to have the marinara sauce to dip the sticks in or it doesn’t finish in the Top 5!

  • #4 Chick-fil-A


    [Photo by Alex Wong] / via Getty Images

    We are surprised that you can’t get Chik-fil-A everywhere in the world, but clearly you can’t. Keep in mind that Wendy’s was also mentioned as well as In-n-Out Burger, Taco Bell and Cracker Barrel!

  • #3 Maple Syrup

    Maple syrup

    [bhofack2] / via Gettty Images

    Probably the easiest to send anywhere is a nice fresh bottle of maple syrup…and clearly this person is NOT from Canada!

  • #2 Great Mexican Food


    samples of mexican food

    [Plateresca] via Getty Images

    If there’s one thing our country is know for, it’s great Mexican Food that you can’t get anywhere else in the world…this is truly a stumper on the list, but it came in at #2!

  • #1 American Chinese Food


    Chinese Food

    [bhofack2] via Getty Images

    This has to be the one that will have a lot of people saying “WHAT?” American Chinese Food came in at #1…this is the food that most tourist miss after visiting the United States and crave when they get back home!

Top 5 Healthiest Cities In The U.S.

  • #5 Salt Lake City, Utah


    Salt Lake City

    [f11photo] / via Getty Images

    It’s no wonder the city of Salt Lake cracked the Top 5 with all that there is to do there year round…between skiing, jogging, biking and more!

  • #4 Portland, Oregon

    Portland at night

    [Ahorica] / via Getty Images

    Although they’re known for trying to keep this city “weird”, there is also a sense of being healthy in this Pacific Northwest hub…for that reason it makes the Top 5!

  • #3 San Diego, California


    San Diego Gaslamp Quarter (District)

    [ReDunnLev] / via Getty Images

    It’s no surprise that San Diego would be in the Top 5 “healthiest cities” in the country. The perfect weather year round just gives in to the outdoor activities that create a healthy attitude in this southern California city!

  • #2 Seattle, Washington


    Seattle skyline

    [roman_slavik] via Getty Images

    Much like Portland, this Pacific Northwest city has a lot to offer in the great outdoors year round. Everything from the great restaurants to mountain biking, clearly there’s a reason why this city is in the Top 5!

  • #1. San Francisco, California

    Golden Gate Bridge

    [David Chang] / via Getty Image

    To be #1 on this list, it took a high rating from great healthy restaurants to “green” living to make this city the “healthiest” to live in. Not to mention, the walking you have to do up and down hills in the city also keep those that live there in shape!