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Mike and Carla talked to Steve Wilkos, who’s in Las Vegas for CrimeCon on Friday, April 29. You can visit his booth at the expo center at the Paris Hotel.

The former security guard of Jerry Springer, who’s now a huge TV star himself, discussed the Mike Tyson airport brawl. He gave his opinions about the situation and even divulged a personal anecdote about meeting Tyson. And trust us, his comments are sure to make you chuckle.

Wilkos will be hosting a true-crime discussion about a previous case he had on his show about a missing girl named Relisha Rudd, and he’ll also take part in meeting with some of his true-crime fans. He’s currently in Season 15 of his self-titled show. He says his program “has shifted towards the True Crime genre, and it’s been really fascinating to see some of the stories we are tackling.”

Wilkos, like any police officer would, is really getting to the heart of the crime. He says, “We’ve helped people clear their names, as well as give them a platform … to help bring justice to the case.”

This season, the show has a new series focusing on “Steve’s Survivors,” where they’ll be interviewing people who were wrongly convicted of a crime. Instead of bitterness, many of them took their lives into their own hands and made changes to better themselves.

In Las Vegas, watch “The Steve Wilkos Show” on the CW network, airing on 3 p.m. weekdays.


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