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BRIESELANG, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 28: (EDITORS NOTE: Image taken with a drone) In this aerial view, an Amazon packaging center is photographed on November 28, 2019 in Brieselang, Germany. Amazon is anticipating a strong holiday season and has hired extra workers at its packaging center across Germany. Meanwhile workers at some of the centers, though not at Brieselang, have announced strikes to further their demands for better pay. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


As much as we want to live in the future, where everything is done by robots, sometimes we just need to be patient so when the time does come, it works flawlessly. That’s definitely the case with Amazon and their attempts to get drone package delivery to work. So far the testing hasn’t been successful. Drones are said to crash mid flight and sometimes not ever take off. One drone even caught fire.

Amazon has announced that they will continue to test the drone delivery service until they get it right. They said they want to avoid all accidents and they don’t want to start any fires at peoples front doors. Wise choice Amazon!

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