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I was driving by Sante Fe Station Casino the other day and noticed a billboard touting an upcoming performance by a tribute band named: Red NOT Chili Peppers.  I actually LOL’d at that one.  It got me thinking, there are a lot of great tribute bands out there, and many of them have very creative spins on the original band name or recording artist name.  I started researching and found these from a Q Magazine article:

“Faux Fighters” instead of Foo Fighters

“Shania Twin” instead of Shania Twain

“Nearvana” instead of Nirvana

“Pink Fraud” instead of Pink Floyd

“Maybe Gaga” instead of Lady Gaga

“Cheap Purple” instead of Deep Purple

I found some more on Buzzfeed:

“Proxy Music” instead of Roxy Music

“Dread Zeppelin” instead of Led Zeppelin

“Deft Leppard” instead of Def Leppard

“Blobbie Williams” instead of Robbie Williams

I’m sure you have a favorite of your own.  If so, please comment on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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