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This year’s Academy Awards will be presented at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California on Sunday March 27th.  To celebrate, we’re going to be playing some of the biggest movie hits of the 80s on the Top 3 at 7 Countdown.

On Monday, the Top 3 Movie Hits of 1985, including the song which plays during the closing credits of one of the most iconic of John Hughes’ many iconic 80s movies!

Tuesday night we’ll check out the Top 3 Movie Hits of 1986, as Rocky goes up against the “Evil Empire” and Ivan Drago.  He goes back to the band that gave him a #1 theme song for his previous “Rocky” movie.

The Top 3 Movie Hits of 1987 come your way on Wednesday, including a #1 song from the very successful second installment of the Beverly Hills Cop film series, starring Eddie Murphy!

The first movie to sell more than a million copies on home video provides one of the Top 3 Movie Hits of 1988!

Nowadays, we see lots of films that are based on comic book characters.  But it was a pretty novel idea in the late 80s, when the first installment in Warner Bros.’ initial Batman movie series packed movie theaters and gave Prince another #1 single, and one of Friday night’s Top 3 Movie Hits of 1989!

What other movie hits make the cut?  Find out on the Top 3 at 7 Countdown!


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