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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 03: Stephanie Beatriz attends Disney Studios' premiere of "Encanto" at El Capitan Theatre on November 03, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Encanto soundtrack is one of the hottest out right now. And for good reason. Lin-Manuel Miranda can seriously write a song. Social media also had a huge part in the album’s longevity on the Billboard charts. It propelled to #1 thanks in part to platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. As soon as the album was available to stream, people were posting videos of themselves acting out the scenes from the movie. Many said they saw themselves or their family in the characters. The music from the Encanto soundtrack topped the charts in both the album and singles categories and knocked out popular acts like Adele from the #1 spots. Sounds like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Disney are a winning combination. Although, we already knew that with the Moana soundtrack.

But Encanto has another element that lead to their success. That is Stephanie Beatriz.

If you’re an Encanto lover, you know her as Mirabel. Beatriz has delighted fans on the screen in shows like Modern Family and Disney’s Jessie. We already love her as the voice of Encanto’s lead. She’s a beautiful combination of sassy and insecure and her belief in all things good will just melt your heart. Beatriz nails bringing all the lovable qualities to the roll. And if you didn’t think you could love her any more, here’s a fun fact: Beatriz was in labor when she recorded part of Encanto!

Not kind of labor. We’re talking active labor here. Like, she was laying down vocal tracks in between contractions. Beatriz said she didn’t want to tell anyone at Disney that she was in labor because the didn’t want them to freak out. But she pushed through (pun intended), recorded the song, and delivered her baby the next day. And the beautful part? The song she was recording was Waiting On A Miracle….while she was waiting for her little miracle to come!

I think even Disney couldn’t come up with such a perfect ending. And to Stephanie Beatriz, all we can say is you go girl!