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If you had to guess, how many things do you have in your closet that you’ve NEVER worn?

A new survey found that the average person has 26 clothing items that basically never see the light of day.  And 65% of people say they have unworn clothes that still have the tags on them. Just 6% of people claim they have worn everything they own at least once.

So why do we have so much stuff we don’t wear? 20% say they keep clothing for “sentimental reasons,” so maybe they’re gifts or they’ve been passed down from family members.

31% say they’ve bought stuff on a whim, but then realized it didn’t really suit them.  And others say they intend on wearing the clothes, they just got “buried.”

As many as eight in 10 wear the same few clothing items on loop, with just six per cent of those surveyed having worn everything in their wardrobe at least once.

But WE NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR! Despite a large portion of our wardrobe going unworn, those surveyed will complain about having nothing to wear on average six times a month.

Helpful hint: If you KNOW you’re not going to wear something, just give it to a friend. So THEY can have a 27th item that they’re never going to wear! LOL!