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One GOOD thing that came out of the pandemic is that we’re more aware that germs aren’t only in “dirty” places – like bathrooms.

A new study out of the U.K. says that the average person’s VEHICLE has “significantly” more bacterial contamination than the average toilet seat.

They swabbed the cars all over and they found the highest concentrations of bacteria are typically in the TRUNK. (And these were normal, everyday cars – not cars that were recently used to haul trash…)

The next-nastiest spot was the driver’s seat, followed by the gearstick, the back seat, and the dashboard.

The steering wheels had the lowest amounts of bacteria of all the areas they swabbed.  How is that? Probably because people are using more hand sanitizer during the pandemic than they did before.

The main takeaway?  Your trunk is gross. And where do you put your groceries? Just sayin…

-Carla Rea