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Carla Rea, 5 years old

Al Capone’s vault – it was almost as good as the Super Bowl! Well, it was supposed to be…

In 1986 30 million viewers tuned in to The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults, hosted by Geraldo Rivera. The show went deep into Capone’s hideout on the South Side of Chicago. They had power tools, dynamite – was there money? Weapons? Bodies???

My family had this old trunk for years It was my grandmothers, then my parents, and now I have it. It’s about 80 years old – if not older. When my father died in 2017, a friend put it in their basement to store it, and it’s been there since.

I recently had it shipped from Reno to Las Vegas. My brothers and I couldn’t remember what was in it. Money? Jewels? Artifacts that Mom and Dad never told us about?

I opened it for the first time in years. The video gives you a very exciting *lol*  glimpse of what the old trunk has in it- at least on the surface.

I’ll definitely be digging deeper over the next week, and I will post the continuing excitement of what’s in the mystery vault!

-Carla Rea