So McDonalds decided to do something off the walls with their menu. First let me preface this whole thing by saying people have been hacking fast food menus for years. Some do it to save money. Some do it because they want to create the most ridiculous thing they can. That’s how the whole “Secret Menu” or “Hack Menu” came about.

McDonalds decided to roll with it and released their new “Hack Menu” items. Basically they took other peoples creations that were gaining popularity online, and decided to put them on the menu to order. Now before you run out and order one, know that they will NOT make the menu item for you. They will create the different burgers or sandwiches that go into the said “Hack” menu item and you need to build it yourself.

McDonalds offers 4 different menu items. As much as I wanted to try all of them, I would never be able to in one sitting. I decided to to go with the one that is probably the worse of them all. It was also the most expensive. It cost me almost $12!  I went with the Land, Air, & Sea Hack Menu item. The sandwich consists of a Big Mac, A Spicy Chicken Sandwich, & a Fila-O-Fish! Big fan of the Big Mac. The other two I could do without.

First you open up the Big Mac…


Next you add the Filet-O-Fish to the bottom part of the Big Mac, then put the middle part of the Big Mac back on top of the Filet-O-Fish…

McDonalds Land, Air, & Sea Hack Menu


Next you put the Spicy Chicken Sandwich on top of it and top it off with the Big Mac Bun…

McDonalds Land, Air, & Sea Hack Menu

Now you have the Land, Air, & Sea McDonalds Hack Menu item! How was did it taste?  Well watch the video to find out the reaction I get from it. Just judging by the picture, it’s way too much!

WARNING! The video get’s a little messy, but that’s expected with a sandwich like this!  ENJOY!