Greek salad and pita bread

It’s 2022 – did you say it again this year: NEW YEAR, NEW ME!

If, once again, your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, “U.S. News & World Report” just put out their annual list of the best diets to try in 2022.

Weight loss is only one of the things they factor in.  They look at how easy each diet is to follow, how healthy they are, and a few other factors s well.

If you’re just looking to lose weight, the best diet to try might be the FLEXITARIAN diet.  That’s where you eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and plant-based protein.  But you can still have meat if you’re craving it.

Flexitarian tied for Best Weight-Loss Diet.  It also ranked second on the list of easiest diets to follow, tied for second on the list of healthiest diets, and ranked as the second-best diet overall.

Number one overall is the Mediterranean Diet, and it’s also the healthiest – and it’s my favorite!  With the Mediterranean you eat a lot of produce and seafood, but limit dairy and meat. And Mediterranean flavor a amazing, so the food is great.

The Flexitarian Diet and DASH Diet tied for second overall.  Followed by the MIND Diet, which focuses on brain health.  Then it’s a four-way tie between the Mayo Clinic Diet, TLC Diet, Volumetrics Diet, and Weight Watchers Diet.

If you just want to lose weight fast, Atkins ranked first for that.  But it’s only 34th overall, because it’s very hard to stick to, not very healthy, and most people gain the weight back.

Flexitarian and Mediterranean diets are the more sensible as “lifestyles,” and are easier to maintain weight.

You can read the full report at USNews

-Carla Rea