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Every once in awhile, you give a gift to that someone and you actually think it will make that other person feel so special, when in reality it’s that one gift that they will never forget they got and not for a good reason! Mike O’Brian admitted on the air what he got his wife one Christmas that to this day is “that” gift.

So, The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know what that gift was for you! Don’t be shy, listen to the segment from this morning and see if you fall into that group…and what was the gift?

Some of the gifts that popped up…

A metal garbage can that did not go over very well!

[heromen30] / via Shutterstock

Also making the list was a “colander”!

[GS Creations] / via Shutterstock

One of the better gifts, a “star” in the persons name!

[AstroStar] /via Shutterstock