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If you’re thinking about packing the bags and doing some traveling this holiday season, The Mike & Carla Morning Show has a few “travel” tips for you that you might find very important.  What was the hottest Christmas toy back in 1980 that you could buy for only $1.99?

M&C also talk about it being the first day of winter, a study reveals that the average Christmas tree can actually be harmful to your health! Get all these stories, details, and more in this segment of “A Few Thing We Think You Should Know!”

Top 3 Busiest Airports in the U.S. (according to 2020 stats)

3. Denver International Airport

[Arina P Habich] / via Shutterstock


2. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

[iofoto] / via Shutterstock


1. Chicago-O’Hare International Airport

[Skorzewiak] / via Shutterstock