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Santa is ready

Santa Claus still has a little time to prep, and then he has one REALLY tough workday. How he gets it all done in one day – who knows?!

A survey of 1,500 parents and children conducted by kids Learning company, Osmo, showed a number of youngsters are convinced Santa has a shrink-ray to make billions of gifts miniscule so they can be transported down chimneys.

They weren’t stumped when it came to explaining how his reindeer fly, as 84 per cent of kids polled said they knew how the reindeer completed their gravity-defying feat.

The kids were asked how THEY think Santa gets through all those houses in one night.  Here are the most popular theories:

1, Special keys that can open any door.

2.  He uses the chimney.  (Surprisingly, special keys beat chimney.  Probably there are fewer chimneys these days)

3.  Magic.

4.  Teleportation.

5.  He can walk through walls.

6.  He just moves REALLY fast.

7.  Lots of help from his elves.

8.  He can freeze time.

9.  He puts everyone in the world to sleep.

10. “Gift stations” set up in every country, so he doesn’t have to carry everything with him.  Kind of like an Amazon fulfilment center.

11. Other Santa’s help

12. Rewinds time

13.  Has a shrink ray

14.  Makes chimneys bigger

15.  Brings bigger gifts through the back door

Research shows just how imaginative we are, and how our thinking can stretch when we’re young – from kids believing in time freeze, to magic, the creativity children is pretty amazing.

The poll also found 40% of kids have seen Santa, and 42% have heard him up on the roof before.

Here’s hoping all the adults reading this never lose THEIR sense of imagination, in this sometimes all too serious life.