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Wendy Rush did it again…and this time Carla Rea paid the price.

Wendy Rush is our resident “Repurposing Queen”. As you probably know by now, Wendy hates to throw anything away. She was raised to appreciate what you have, and “try to fix it before you buy a replacement”. This mindset has saved Wendy a ton of money over the years, and she’s always finding new ways to repurpose things she has. This girl was even washing her ziploc bags before reusable ones were a thing! She should have patented that idea!

If you’ve seen Wendy’s DIY videos or heard her talk about it on the air, you know she’s repurposed all kinds of things. She’s made a pool out of a box spring…

Wendy’s DIY Queen Bed Swimming Pool

…a dollhouse out of pallet boards (video coming soon) and she’s currently working on a dining table made from a wooden cable spool!

But one of her favorite things to do is to find a new life for the food she makes. She’s discovered all kinds of kitchen hacks this way. But experimention comes with trial and error. And once in a while, Wendy makes something that just doesn’t work.

You know those roasted veggies at the bottom of the turkey roasting pan after Thanksgiving? They’re way too mushy to eat by themselves. But when Wendy was putting everything away after Turkey Day, she just couldn’t bare to toss those perfectly good carrots, onions and celery. They she realized those are the ingredients in mirepoix, the base used in pasta sauces. So Wendy pureed those veggies, along with the apples and lemon she had in the pan, added some tomato paste and turkey, and used it for her Black Friday Turkey Spaghetti.

That part turned out great. But HERE is where Wendy’s curiosity may have killed a cat…there was still some puree left over…and Wendy’s dehydrator was on the counter. You know where this is going. Wendy dried out the veggie puree in the dehydrator, and made what Carla Rea dubbed “Dripping Chips”.

Carla wasn’t stoked about trying the fruits (or veggies) of Wendy’s labor, but she was a good sport. And this is what she thought about it.


Wendy did try to get Mike to try one, but he wasn’t game. Guess Wendy and her Dripping Chips will fly solo. But wait until Christmas…I wonder what Ham chips taste like! Until next time…