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The Mike & Carla Morning Show did a Zoom-terview with rocker Sammy Hagar to talk about his upcoming show “Sammy Hagar & Friends” at The Strat!  He tells us what to expect from the shows.  From his days with Montrose, to the solo stuff, and everything in between.  He even mentions something about the show that has never been mentioned yet…his friends who will join him!

Sammy talks about the past as well, from his days starting off with Montrose, his Van Halen days, including his relationship with Eddie, and more.  He even gives you “Sammy’s Words of Wisdom” that he lives by, and also used to help him maintain who he is, despite differences with other members of the bands he was in.

And we all know Sammy is an entrepreneur, he gives us the latest details on his restaurants, spirits, and more!

Watch the full interview and prepare yourself for his upcoming shows at The Strat!

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