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We’ve compiled a list of so of the MOST popular movies about going back to school!

These movies are in no particular order so watch as you please.

Watching them will take you from elementary school to high school, to college and they all deal with the experience of walking the hallways of learning institutions (ok, schools, colleges, and universities!). We’ve got some classics that deal with students and a few that are focused on the teachers.  But they all deal with going back to school!

Which ones are your favorite(s)?

Here we go:

Old School (Of course we had to list this movie at the top!)

The Breakfast Club

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Sixteen Candles

Fame (both versions)

Monster University

Kindergarten Cop

Akeelah and the Bee

Dead Poets Society

Dangerous Minds

Mean Girls

Higher Learning

Stand and Deliver

Friday Night Lights

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Napoleon Dynamite

Back to School

American Pie


Animal House

Footloose (both versions)

Mr. Holland’s Opus