Happy National Woman’s Day: Meet Carla Rea Growing Up

Carla Rea grew up in Reno, Nevada, known as “The Biggest Little City in the World”. From a young age, she was very comfortable being in front of the camera. “Let’s just say I was never shy,” says Carla. Her comfortability would lead her to multiple careers that involve her voice.

Actress and singer, Cher and painter and singer-songwriter, Grace Slick are influential women who stood out to Carla growing up. “I let my hair grow till I was 17 because I thought I could do the Cher or Grace Slick look. I was wrong”, says Carla. Growing long hair wasn’t Carla’s only goal from a young age.

She has big dreams to stand on a big stage to make people laugh. Carla says, “My goal from the age of about 8 years old was to be a comedian.” She did just that. She would go on to perform in comedy clubs, on late-night television, and cable specials.


Carla would soon figure out that she could use her voice beyond the stage. She took her career to the radio industry! “Who gets TWO careers they love?” Carla landed a position as a morning talk show co-host to Mike O’Brian on 96.3 KKLZ‘s The Mike & Carla Morning Show.

Talking on an ’80s station has lead Carla to meeting some famous celebrities within the television and music industry. “Joan Rivers what is my biggest comedy inspiration.”  When she was around 10 years old she would stay up late and sneak out to the living room to watch Joan Rivers‘ on the Tonight Show. Being so young, Carla didn’t always understand Rivers’ humor but thought, “see, girls can do this too!” Carla has met and worked with Rivers quite a few times throughout her career. “When we took this picture I told her I wanted to take a “different“ picture. This was what I suggested – she went along with it and laughed her butt off doing it!” How iconic.

This next singer and actress you may have seen around the Las Vegas strip. She had a show with her brother for 11 years. Any guesses? Her name is Marie Osmond! Carla was lucky enough to sit down with her for an interview. Carla mentioned how Marie, “spoke very openly about what it was like for women when she was a teen.” The interview was eye-opening.

Carla also has the opportunity to meet rock legend, Joan Jett! She is “Only one of the biggest female rockers around,” says Carla. Life is short and no one knows what will happen next.

Carla’s parents always encouraged her to live her best life. Her parents are the “most fabulous people on earth” and mean the most to her.

Carla has a great relationship with her parents and loves them to pieces. “My mother of the biggest inspirations in my life – along with my father. So in women’s day, I salute, thank, And love them both!” Her parents raised her to be the best version of herself. Carla used what she learned from her parents to discover her own journey. She worked hard to make her voice heard and you can too.