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I am not a fan of deadly spicy foods, but many are.

If you’re looking at the places in the U.S. with the spiciest cuisine, the farther south you go, the hotter the temperatures, and the hotter the foods.

A new survey asked 5,000 people – 100 from each state – which states are known for their spicy cuisine, and Louisiana came out on top, followed by Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona.

They also asked which states have a higher-than-average TOLERANCE for spice, and the results were similar.  New Mexico was #1, followed by Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, California, and New York.

Unfortunately, they didn’t release a ranking of all 50 states.

Spicy foods are definitely not for everyone.  75% of people say they’ve had heartburn from spicy foods, and 36% of those people avoid them for that reason.

Some are willing to make the trade-off though . . . 37% say they’d consider themselves to be “spicy food aficionados,” which means that there’s at least some overlap there with those who get heartburn.

See the full spice report here

Now I’m going to grab a Tums…