I’m not a huge Country music fan by any means.  I know some songs from current Pop Country artists.  I definitely know old country tunes.  But if I were to name one country artist that I know more than a hand full of songs, it would be Garth Brooks!

I’ll be honest and say that I originally wanted to go to the show because it was going to be the first concert held in the newly built Allegiant Stadium.  Well thanks to the pandemic and putting 2020 on hold, that didn’t happen.  The show was postponed and moved to 2021.  But it was a hot ticket, so we opted to keep our tickets and make a night of it when it would eventually be rescheduled.

Fast forward to Saturday, July 11th and we arrive on show day!  I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t too fond of the $100 parking charge to park at the stadium.  No one was!  So being the cheaper people that we are, decided to scout the area and roads before hand, then have a friend drop and pick us up.  Let me tell you, that right there might have been one of the smartest things I ever did!

We finally arrive at the venue.  The weather is hot and we’re already hot and sweaty waiting to get through security, but the moment we enter the stadium, it was well air conditioned!  That right there made the experience amazing!

Garth took the stage at 8pm!  And right off the bat, energy!  That place was loud!  Over 60 thousand people yelling, screaming, & singing!  If that energy got any higher, the roof would probably be blown off the stadium.

As I stated before, I’m no big country music fan, but Garth has so many hits and loves to cover songs, I was in good hands.  I could actually sing along to some of them.  He played for a good 2 hours.  From what I’ve heard from others, Garth would normally do an intermission of some sort.  He did not!  He didn’t even have an opening act!  It was just straight Garth!  And to hear how appreciative he was to have live music back was amazing!  It was mutual between crowd/fans and Garth!  And apparently it’s not a Garth show unless he brings up his wife, Trisha Yearwood!  They sang “Shallow” together and one of her songs (Garth in the wrong key and was called out on it).

Would I see Garth again?  ABSOLUTELY!  It was an experience for sure!  Allegiant Stadium is an amazing venue!  Both for sports and concerts.  Since this was only the 2nd show there, I’m sure they know there’s something they need to improve on, but in all in all it was an awesome time!

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