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She’s a 4-year-old pit mix. Eloise came to use back in May after several shelter workers reached out for help. She was completely shut down in her kennel. She would bury her nose in the corner and refuse to move. She had to be carried from one place to another and basically played dead. Concerned about her mental state, they asked us to take her in. When she came to Hearts Alive Village, we noticed that this girl had a slight tremor and feared that we might be dealing with distemper. She received a full battery of tests and we discovered that while she was negative for distemper, she did have hypothyroidism which could have been causing the tremor and her shutdown behavior. Eloise is now on thyroid medication twice a day (easily given in her food), and the tremors have stopped. Her emotional state has come a long way. She walks on her own and gives us tail wags and snuggles. She’ll be retested soon to make sure her thyroid levels are correct. We don’t know what this poor girl has been through, but we know that in order to fully bring out her personality and help her confidence increase, she needs to be in a loving home. If you are interested in helping Eloise blossom, please visit www.heartsalivevillage.org/adoptable-dogs to meet this sweet pup.

TORI – 2-year-old Tortie. Tori is a beautiful girl who likes to perch up high and watch the scenery. She keeps to herself in the Cat Cottage but doesn’t mind the other kitties being around her. She seems a bit standoff-ish at first, but once you pet her, her butt goes straight up in the air to receive all the scratches you can muster. Tori is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on her vaccines, and eager to find her future family. You can meet her at the Hearts Alive Village Adoption Center, 1750 S. Rainbow Blvd # 4, open 8-7 weekdays and 10-5 weekends.
Long-timers! Have we got a special pair for you today. Baby Boy and Angel Mama (his actual mom) have lived together their entire lives. Their human mom passed away and they were taken to the shelter. Now, they are with us and looking for their next family. They’ve been with us for 7-months now and it’s time for them to get a family! Baby Boy is a 12-year-old sweetheart who is FIV+. Angel Mama is a 15-year-old love who is FIV-. This brings up one of the most commonly asked questions in animal rescue. What’s up with FIV? First off, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus can not be passed to humans. While it can be passed to other cats, it’s not in the way you might think. Transmission does not occur through normal grooming or playtime activities, sharing food or water bowls, or sharing a litter box. The virus can only live outside the body for a few seconds and requires serious physical interaction such as a deep bite wound. This is evidenced by the fact that this mother and son have lived together his whole life and she has never been infected. Testing positive for FIV does not mean that your cat will be sick or have a shortened lifespan. In fact, 90% of cats that have the virus will lead completely normal lives symptom-free. These two are healthy, snuggly, and can’t wait to love on their new human parent. If you are interested in meeting them, stop into the Hearts Alive Village Adoption Center and get ready to melt. 1750 S. Rainbow Blvd # 4. 10-7 weekdays and 10-5 weekends.

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