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Wendy here! It’s National Video Games Day!

Before mom life, I used to lose HOURS to video games. Does anyone remember Sammy Light Foot? Or Frogger? Yep, those were my go-to games on the massive Apple computer (no old jokes, please). I would sneak downstairs to play them when my parents thought I was in bed. And if ever there was an arcade around, you better believe I was playing Joust.

My gaming leveled up, along with the rest of the 80’s world, when the original Nintendo came out. I was 11. And the games, although very retro-looking now, blew my mind! Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt! Yes, back then we used to shoot ducks, not zombies. It seemed like we were stuck with those games for a few years (maybe my parents just didn’t want to admit there were others they would end up having to buy). But then the NES world blew up! There was Excite Bike, and Aquaman (one of my favorites), Street Fighter, and Contra. I always prevailed at Tetris and Dr. Mario, but not so much at games like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. It’s cause I’m more lover than fighter…or something like that.

College years is when I really got into trouble with time loss. Those character-driven, role-playing games were my kryptonite. There would be days on end I’d get lost in building a character on my PC. Ultima Online…I was a Grandmaster Mage. Diablo 2 (cause Blizzard took FOREVER to release 3), a Sorceress. Then there was Red Alert Command and Conquer, and Caesar (Sim City before Sim City was a thing!).

Happy National Video Games Day!!!