Bubbles (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Fourth of July is here, and that means fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!  Stands are on every single corner, and tons of explosive devices are everywhere.  Everyone loves fireworks, but they’re also dangerous, and very scary for many kids.

So, how about some safe alternatives the can hopefully help you and your children enjoy the holiday without the dangers – or the fright.

1. Glow in the Dark Bubbles:

Add just a tiny bit of glow in the dark paint to your bubble solution, and you’ll have glowing bubbles. Who doesn’t love bubbles? But bubbles that glow in the dark? Tiny Bubbles, or a bubble wand – they will steal the show!

What better way to let the kids run off some energy than silly string? Yes, it can be an annoying mess, but Fourth of July can create a huge mess anyway, right? Remnants of fireworks covering the street and driveway the next morning (so annoying). Wouldn’t you rather might as well hose off  silly string instead?

All of these alternatives are not only safe for your kids, but also for your animals – who also have a hard time with the noise and blasts from fireworks as well. Keep them, you, and your kids, safe this Fourth of July!

-Carla Rea