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387325 02: Visitors wear shark-shaped hats, inspired by Steven Spielberg's film series "Jaws," at Universal Studios at the grand opening March 31, 2001 in Osaka, Japan. Although the park is designed to include the most popular attractions from the two U.S. Universal Studios parks in Hollywood and Orlando, some are specifically designed for the Japanese market. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Liaison)

Steven Spielberg has been the talk lately with him joining with Netflix to make 2 new movies each year.  One Spielberg film that everyone loves and people keep asking about is “Jaws” and if there will ever be a remake of it.  Lots of people feel with how far movie effects and CGI has come, a new Jaws movie could be really good.  Well, Spielberg has put a halt to all rumors.  He said he will never let a remake happen.  It will stay a classic film!

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