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Wrestling has long been known to be scripted fair, but cops were sure fooled when it came to the main event of Game Changer Wrestling’s (GCW) show in Laramie, Wyoming on June 19.

The main event at GCW’s “Outlaw Mudshow” at the Albany County Fairgrounds saw Nick Gage and Mance Warner face off in a “Bunkhouse Brawl Match” where there would be no disqualifications or count outs.

Per WhatCulture and Wrestling Inc., part of the match included Gage and Warner taking their fight out of the ring and to the concession stand, and it was the violence that erupted there that led to the Laramie Police Department getting called.

Per AEW wrestler Joey Janela, who was in attendance at the show and contributing color commentary, “8 Cops showed up questioning @ManceWarner and looking for Gage for the concussion [sic] stand brawl during the main event of @GCWrestling_. The good ole days are back! #LastOutlaws” He followed that up with a video showing Laramie police cars driving passed the venue along with the caption, “It doesn’t stop! It’s real again baby.”

For those interested, you can see some of the brutal violence here. As expected, the video is very NSFW.

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