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Sunday is Father’s Day.  And being a “dad” means a lot of things – like spoiling your kids, grilling, telling dad jokes, and wearing practical shoes.

So someone looked at all of those things, and used them to rank all 50 states according to how closely they fit the “dad” stereotype.  And it turns out one section of the country REALLY fits it.

They looked at how much money dads spend on their kids, how obsessed they are with grilling, how popular dad jokes are in each state, and how interested people are in sneakers (huh?).

And the top FOUR dad states all border each other:  Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas, which tied Vermont for fourth place.

The rest of the top ten dad states are:  North Carolina, Delaware, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

On the flip-side, FLORIDA is the top state where dads break the mold and DO NOT fit those stereotypes as well.

The states that ranked lowest in dad stats are:  Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Utah. Nevada came in at number 42. Come on we can do better!  But at least we beat Florida about Dad life!!


See the full list here.