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Hi Wendy here…

Guess what I did last week? I took care of THIRTY-FIVE tortoises. They live in my friend’s backyard and are free to roam, so you always have to watch where you step! They’re called Sulcata Tortoises, also known as African Spurred Tortoises, and they live to be about 80 years old and upwards of 200 pounds! They’re cute and tiny when they’re babies but they can grow a lot in 80 years. They’re cool to watch move because they look fake, like they’re straight out of a ride on the Disneyland Jungle Cruise! Check out the video and see how big they get and watch the big kids move around. Enjoy. 🙂

Want pictures? Here you go. 🙂

Wendy’s New Friends: Sulcata Tortoises!