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She’s The One, released in 1996, served as both the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, as well as Tom Petty’s follow-up to 1994’s Wildflowers; in fact, a few of the songs from She’s The One were written during the Wildflowers sessions. Still, the album had some Petty classics, including “Walls – Circus,” “Angel Dream (No. 4)” and his cover of Lucinda Williams’ “Change The Locks.”

Now, Petty’s estate is reissuing a re-imagined version of the album on vinyl, and are titling it Angel Dream. As they say on his official website, it’s “the final chapter of the audio releases relating to Petty’s masterpiece Wildflowers.”

The original release of She’s The One included several songs that were written during the Wildflowers period, but were not selected for inclusion on that album. The recent release of Wildflowers and All The Rest included these songs, so those songs aren’t included here. In their place, they’re including four previously unreleased songs (also written during the Wildflowers era): two Petty original songs (“105 Degrees” and “One of Life’s Little Mysteries”), a cover of J.J. Cale’s “Thirteen Days,” and the Petty- penned instrumental “French Disconnection.” Additionally, the album features an extended version of “Supernatural Radio.” The new cover art was commissioned to emphasize the album as a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers release, rather than a soundtrack album (Petty’s album made more of an impact than the film, anyway).

The album is coming out first on limited-edition cobalt blue vinyl for Record Store Day on June 12, and will be released on CD, digital, and black vinyl on July 2. A visualizer video for “Angel Dream (No. 2)” dropped Thursday.

Side 1:
1. Angel Dream (No. 2)
2. Grew Up Fast
3. Change The Locks (Lucinda Williams cover)
4. Zero From Outer Space
5. Asshole (Beck cover)

Side 2:
6. One of Life’s Little Mysteries
7. Walls (No. 3)
8. Thirteen Days (JJ Cale cover)
9. 105 Degrees
10. Climb That Hill
11. Supernatural Radio (extended version)
12. French Disconnection