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Plenty of 96.3 KKLZ listeners are winning free Walkin’ Around Money each weekday, including:

Charlie Gregory, Richard Geeb, Derrick Wedderath, Bill Johnson, Mary Alice Morgan, Kathy Longo, Patricia Holbury, Patricia Bass, Caryn King, Anna DeGraeve, Jeff Tonte and CYNTHIA MONTI!

You have ten chances each weekday to win WAM, every hour, 8am-5pm, each weekday in this Beasley Media Group local multi-station contest!  (Excluding Memorial Day May 31, 2021.)  Plus, WAM winners qualify for the $5,000.00 Grand Prize drawing June 18th, 2021!  Set your alarm for Monday at 8am for your first chance to win with the Mike & Carla Morning Show on 96.3 KKLZ!


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