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Chris Pratt

Are actors really just “discovered”? Yes, some actually are.  Here’s an interesting list of 11 people who were supposedly “plucked from obscurity and turned into movie stars.”

1.  Danny Trejo was a drug counselor who went to help a recovering drug addict, and found himself on the set of “Runaway Train”.  He ended up doing a scene with Eric Roberts.

2.  Jennifer Lawrence was discovered as a 14-year-old while vacationing in New York City with her family.  A scout for a modeling company spotted her, and by the end of the summer she was cast in a TV pilot.

3.  Chris Pratt was discovered by Tommy Chong’s daughter Rae Dawn while waiting tables at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

4.  Rosario Dawson only stepped a few feet outside her house to be discovered.  She was chatting with friends when she was seen by “Kids” director Larry Clark.

5.  Norman Reedus only got discovered because he was having a really bad day.  He got fired, so a friend took him to a party to cheer him up.  There, he got tanked, and someone noticed him, and offered him a role in a play.  (???)

6.  Edward Furlong went to hang out with his buddies at a Boys and Girls Club . . . where he was approached by the casting director for “Terminator 2”.

7.  Lana Turner hated her high school typing class.  So she skipped it and snuck across the street to a malt shop.  There, she was approached by the publisher of the “Hollywood Reporter”, who asked her if she wanted to be in the movies.

8.  “Solo” star Alden Ehrenreich is famous because he did a solid for a friend in junior high.  A friend asked him to act in a funny video she wanted to make for her bat mitzvah.  He did.  Steven Spielberg happened to be at that bat mitzvah and was impressed with Alden.

9.  Charlie Hunnam got discovered because he went drunk Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.  While he was out, he blew a kiss to an older woman.  She was a production manager, and asked him if he’d considered acting.

10.  Charlize Theron was struggling to pay the rent, and one day, at a bank, she was going nuts on a teller because they refused to cash her out-of-state check.  The guy behind her gave her his card.  He was a talent manager.

11.  Ke Huy Quan only became Indiana Jones’ sidekick Short Round because he tagged along with his brother to an audition at their elementary school.  He ended up getting the role, not his brother.  And his brother didn’t even mind.


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