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Saving the sweetest for last. A Hurricane is like dessert in a glass! Created in New Orleans, this dark rum, passion fruit syrup and lemon juice cocktail is traditionally garnished with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry. Laissez le bon temps rouler, in deed!

If you’re still shopping for Mother’s Day, time is running out.  But this might help if you need something last-minute.

A survey of over 2000 moms found the top things they want for Mother’s Day. Here are the top ten, but – one in eight said some BOOZE would also be appreciated!

1.  A card.  43% of moms said they’d love to get one.  That doesn’t mean they’ll be thrilled with JUST a card.  But in general, moms do like getting them.

2.  Flowers.

3.  Doing something with the family.  Like dinner, or going somewhere outdoors.

4.  A keepsake.  Something sentimental, like a piece of jewelry, or a framed photo that’s engraved.

5.  Chocolate.

6.  Something homemade.  Especially moms with younger kids.

7.  A spa day or massage.

8.  Jewelry.

9.  A day to themselves.  So say Happy Mother’s Day – and then just leave mom alone for 24 hours! (I believe this is the REAL number 1 answer…)

10.  For someone else to take care of all the household tasks they normally do.

One in seven moms said breakfast in bed (with a cocktail?) would also be great.  12% want clothes.  And one in eight said some BOOZE would be appreciated.

Your mom literally brought you into this world, so thank her in the best way possible. then leave her alone!